Bed Bug Control

We have the solution for your Bed bug issue

Bed bugs are one of the most rapidly spreading pests worldwide. They can hitch a ride on our clothing, luggage and belongings, and infest anywhere humans frequent, such as homes, cinemas, hotels, offices and transport systems.

Requiring a blood meal to survive, they will often harbour in and around our beds and rest areas. When Bed bugs infest a home or a business, they can create considerable stress and anxiety, leading to sleepless nights, low work output and serious harm to a business reputation; this is particularly relevant for hotels and similar businesses.

Enviro Pest Control technicians are fully trained and certified to identify and treat Bed bugs with due care to your safety, wildlife and the environment. We will do everything we can to eliminate the stress and disruption for you, but sometimes an infestation will require a number of extra follow-up treatments and special client support. This will be determined and explained on our first visit.

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